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Women - Health Resources for Woman

  • - Dedicated to the care of the woman patient and to improving the personal and professional well-being of its members. Information includes health advice and guidance for the public as well as a contact point for physicians and students.
  • - Women's health resources.
  • - Offering women's health, fitness, and exercise equipment including treadmills, heart rate monitors, ellipticals, free weights, and yoga. Articles on flexibility, stretching, strength, and aerobic training.
  • - Womens health physician, Donnica Moore, MD, discusses common issues such as menopause, PMS, PMDD, infertility, fertility, postpartum depression, osteoporosis, sexuality, and weight loss.
  • - Frank, reliable answers to the most intimate and embarrassing health questions. From Redbook.
  • - Comprehensive site on FDA information relating to food, drugs and cosmetics in relation to women's health.
  • - Online community for moms who want to get or stay fit.
  • - Coalitions of international, national and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) - Women's groups, health care professionals, religious organizations, academics and individual citizens from all of the regions of the world with the intention of improving health care services and research for women.
  • - A paper on the existence, location, and significance of the Gräfenberg spot (G-spot) in sexual function, with relevant links.
  • - Advice, assessment tools and discussions on women's health, with reports on heart disease, cancer, sexual/reproductive health, nutrition, and other topics.
  • - Covering women's health topics and reproductive health topics.
  • - Information about breast self-examination, breastfeeding, breast implants, breast cancer and overall breast health.
  • - Information and advice on fitness and nutrition, message boards, chat and interactive health tools.
  • - A "one-stop gateway for women seeking health information" sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • - Surgeon General's report on the beneficial effects of physical activity on women's health.
  • - A basic guide to understanding sexuality.
  • - Improving sexual health and celebrating sexuality. Site contains an up-to-date database or articles.
  • - Established in 1990, the Society seeks to improve the health of women through research. The Society grew out of a mounting concern that the health of all American women was at risk due to biases in biomedical research.
  • - Dedicated to accurate diagnosis in women's health, this site offers differential diagnosis lists, risk factors, news about health diagnosis and a physician-maintained message board to ask personal questions.
  • - A bi-monthly compendium of articles and online resources that provide information on current health and wellness topics.
  • - Addressing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of women and girls.
  • - Community for women in the 40 plus age group to gain access to credible midlife health information and pharmaceutical and self-care products to enhance health and well-being.
  • - A Project of The Pacific Institute For Women's Health. The project will bring about greater empowerment of women through the effective use of communication strategies in media and technology to improve women's health and well-being.

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