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TCH Marketing Solutions

today for a no-obligation consultation. We can make the Internet work for you.


Marketing Services

Page Sponsership
Local doctors, clinics, and other health care service companies can sponsor "Doctors by Specialty" pages. This will add immediate targeted traffic to your website and your office.

Banner Advertising
Banner advertising offers not only click though traffic to your website but also real branding opportunities. Your business will be seen by local surfers.This service may be used by any business wanting to target the Treasure Coast Community.

Search Engine Optimization
You probably found this site while doing a search for something health related. You are not alone, thousands of people from the Treasure Coast (and all over the world) use this site every day.

Treasure Coast Health has higher search engine visability than all of the other local health websites conbined, even the area hospital websites.

In order for your web presence to be effective people have to find it.

Web Site Creation
We understand how to design sites that work for your business. Our sites have the following features.

  • Content rich
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Focused on your market.
  • Low bandwidth
  • Search Engine ready
Doctor, patients' files, stethiscope and three people talking

Why Market your Practice?

Marketing may seem to be a limited problem in a physician's practice. So why advertise or try to increase "sales"? In 1999, Americans spent 260 billion dollars, out of pocket, for medical care. Potential Patients who use the Internet have higher average income levels.

Target these patients and you could increase the flow of both insurance and non-insurance revenue.

Patients want and need information to make correct decisions. Physicians who can showcase their practice and understand the Internet are providing a wealth of information that potential patients can't receive from any other form of advertising.

Why not target the most desirable procedures and patients?

Treasure Coast Health can help you do this.

today for a no-obligation consultation. We can make the Internet work for you.

(Google™ and Altavista™ are not affilated with Treasure Coast Health)



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